Soul of a lion

Arriving in Los Angeles 15 years ago, I started chasing a dream. I haven’t stopped. Along the way, other dreams….ones I didn’t realize I had, have come true. Getting married to an amazing man, becoming a mother 3 times over, doing charity work…..even being on a bunch of game shows 🙂 Had you asked me when I first arrived what I believed my proudest moment would be, I probably would have said something selfish like “when I book my first big role” or even sillier, “when I win an Oscar”. Obviously, moments of personal pride, such as marriage and births, can’t be compared. However, I can honestly say even if those selfish, silly things eventually happen, my proudest “industry” moment to date, was last Tuesday night, September 6, 2011, sitting in the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood watching the premiere of Lionsgate’s film WARRIOR. A movie my entire family had the absolute privilege to work on. My husband, Christian Minkler, did the post production sound effects, which resonate so clearly and in such a raw, visceral way, you wince during the fight scenes, because you feel every punch audibly. The casting is spot on, the performances riveting. Every aspect of this film screams genius as the result of the unbelievable talent of the film’s director, Gavin O’Connor. Those who know me, respect my brutal honesty. If something sucks, I have no problem saying so, even if I’ve been a part of it. So, when I say “EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT” it’s because it’s amazing, in the truest sense of the word. Not because I worked on it, but because it’s just that good. Still skeptical? Watch the trailer here. You will not be disappointed. GO SEE IT. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. PUSH IT UP TO #1 at the box office. After all, wouldn’t you rather feel emotionally fulfilled when you leave a theatre, having laughed, cried, and cheered……as opposed to leaving afraid to touch anyone and wishing for a bath in hand sanitizer?

I’ll leave you with one final tidbit. The irony in this is on September 6, 1995, my sweet mama passed away. So the date of the saddest day in my life is now connected with one of the proudest days of my life so far. She was a warrior, with the soul of a lion. Just like this movie. 

Me and The Man at the Hollywood premiere of WARRIOR

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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