CalibamaMOM of the Year!!!

So…today I am being featured over on Mom of the Year!!!

The Mom of the Year

Oh, I know you must be thinking…“WTF? Why on earth would sweet Meredith allow that?”

Could be that I bullied her into it…or she finds my blog strangely appealing…OR perhaps she has a soft spot in her heart for moms who accidentally lock their toddlers in the car and have to call AAA. At this point…it’s a TOTAL MYSTERY.

Only ONE way to find out, huh?

It’s okay….go there


(and then come right back, k?)



  1. CaliTawni says

    You are awesome! And I am one of those moms who despise The Valentine Fairy who my daughter always asks why she only goes to YOUR house. Next year I will just tell her it is because I am not mom of the year, and she is the prize for being it!

  2. You definitely need a tiara and a sash πŸ™‚ I’ll just look on from the audience clapping and not feeling so bad about farting in church and blaming it on my 15 month old daughter (b/c I was holding her) #pew/p-u

    • calibamamom says

      This made me laugh and spit coffee at my computer screen! Too funny. You SOOOOO need a Daddy Blog πŸ™‚

  3. I am so, so happy you are there! Your post is great and thanks for making us all laugh this Friday away!

  4. Mary Lynn Clem says

    Love it!!

  5. I just read your post over there, and you’re great! I’ll be following!

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