What’s this all about?

Hell yeah. This is me. Just before jumping on stage to dance with the funk band you see playing in the background. I was 39. Never stop dancing.

First, you should know I have a past.

My past was planted in the Deep South, circa 1972. It bloomed and thrived there for just shy of a quarter century, before being packed in boxes and transplanted to California in the back of a black Honda Civic in the Summer of 1996. My past is very…um…colorful. You are going to read a lot about it here. The good, the bad, and the “WTF?! Did that really happen?”. Do not judge me by my past. Please. I don’t live there anymore. Currently, I live in my present, trucking towards my future, whatever that’s destined to be. Don’t even try to imagine nor predict with respect to either of these topics. Unless, you work for the California Lottery Commission, and the news you have for me will change everything instantly. Thanks 🙂

Now that we’ve got that straight…I’m happy to tell you what this is all about. Buckle up.

As far as I can envision, it’s likely to be a wild ride. Lots of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks sort of stuff. If all goes according to plan, it will be the random rantings of a loud, Bama born, free-spirited, environmentally “greenish”, liberal minded, completely vegan gal, who is both a happily and chaotically married mom of  3 Beans: Sugar, Butter and Sweet Pea. However, when I plan, God usually kicks off Her heels and bellows with laughter. Of this, I am certain.  Regardless, I stick as many irons in the fire as I can hold at one time, while dancing to the beat of a drummer heard only to me (usually by the name of Carter Beauford) so this collection of essays promises to be an iron skillet full of hilarious stories, personal opinions, crazy adventures and plenty of “TMI”. Much to the dismay, and at the expense of The Man and The Beans, as they are my accomplices in the antics most often.


Witness the mayhem with me as it happens. Laugh, cry, learn and grow. Feel free to comment or share with your peeps. Or both. Or neither. Your choice.

At any rate, thanks for being interested enough to stop by, curl up in the quilt, get cozy and sit a spell. You are welcome back anytime. The blog is always open 🙂



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