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Now what?

Now what?

Here it is. The end of the rope.

What do you do now? The way I see it, there are 3 choices.

1. Hang on for dear life, and pray for a helping hand.

2. Let go and hope for a soft landing. Or a hard one…depending on your mental state.

3. Invert your body, cling by your feet and use your free hands to tie a knot in the end so you can climb back up.

Let’s examine the options, shall we?

While choice #1 is viable, it’s unrealistic. Especially if you don’t have an unshakeable support network. I mean that literally. As in people you are certain care enough to come stand under the rope and catch you. Better yet, pull you up, using their own massive strength. Chances are though, the reason you are dangling and wondering WTF to do, is because you have exhausted these people as well. Or, perhaps even pissed them off. The point is, if you hang on, waiting for someone to save you, inevitably….you will fall.

Which, of course brings us to choice #2. This one is rather self-explanatory. Letting go. Falling is imminent. If you have reflexes like a cat, the chances are favorable you’ll land on your feet. Alas though, we are only human. And your mental state needs to be factored in here. With a clear head, letting go is a great option. However, the psyche works itself into a tizzy when facing the unknown abyss of life at the end of the rope, and hitting the ground hard will definitely hurt. Maybe that’s what you want. For it to JUST.BE.OVER. I hope that is never the case.  At any rate, this option is just plain hard, but entirely your choice. No nets provided.

My personal choice is #3, but it often seems impossible. After all, the strength to pull yourself back up has been depleted by the journey to the end of the rope. Then there are the rope burns. When you have fallen this far, is it even realistic to think your blistered, burned and bleeding hands can hoist your aching, broken body back to safety? The simple answer is yes. But it requires an enormous amount of faith. The impossible kind: BLIND FAITH.

Faith Allows Impossible Things to Happen.

Read it. Learn it. Remember it.

Now excuse me while I tie a knot in my rope and begin to climb back up.




  1. Hi Nancy,

    Great analogies and interesting reading!

    I recently took option two…and it took a WHOLE LOT of blind faith…here’s to you following your path. Big hugs XX

  2. Okay. LOVE that you write about virtually exactly where I am. Climb up. There’s a lot of us out here going hand over hand and praying our strength lasts.

    • Glad you are enjoying and relating. I just write what I think, and feel. You know me…not much of a filter when it comes to speaking my mind. Lol.
      So happy you are here!

      • I’ve read just about everything you’ve written. And I love it. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you, but I DO remember all the things we have in common (thank you, CM). And I’ve always thought you were the amazing, smart, loving, ass-kicking kind of girl I can relate to. You have a lot of fans, girl!

      • Nicole, I thank you from the bottom of heart for saying these things! I also miss CM, and wish I could get together with all the amazing ladies I met on there more often. How I miss GNO’s 🙂 Someday. When I get back up to the top of the rope, on steady ground, perhaps. Many hugs and kisses to you and your gorgeous family!! xoxo

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