Out of Retirement, Holding a Torch

… hoping to set the world ablaze. There, I said it. Promised myself awhile ago that I would only come back on here to write if I actually had something important to say. Boy was that a loaded decision! And now here we are. Me writing, with a very clear, no bullshit message. You reading […]

Maintenance Mode

Finally. A follow-up, right? Long overdue, I know. After my last post, many of y’all messaged me…or asked me in person to write about what I DO EAT since I shared all the things I eliminated… which apparently led some to believe I simply exist on air and sunshine, like the plants I consume. However, […]

What EXACTLY Did You Do?!

Well, among other things, I had another birthday. In January. I like to think I’m ATOP the hill, looking down the other side, deciding how long I’ll hang out up here before I head over it. Makes perfect sense to me. Anyway, my new age is NOT the focus of this post. This is actually […]

730 Days, and the Dropping of Shoes

Hello, my name is Nancy and it’s been 2 years since my last blog post. Oops. Seven hundred and thirty days is a really long time to put people on hold. But I did it. What can I say? Life happens… unapologetically. And a whole lot of life happened to me, as I am certain […]

Have you ever felt PERSECUTED?

Let me start by saying…. this post is long overdue. Six weeks ago today, I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Premiere of the faith-based film entitled PERSECUTED. I was not familiar with the movie, therefore I did a little research before accepting the invitation. After seeing the trailer (above) and reading the synopsis, I […]

Lots of irons in the fire, folks!

You know how I’m always saying I wear eleventy jillion hats? Figuratively speaking, that is. I think it’s reached a fever pitch now, y’all. So I’m about to list ’em for you, and then ask a favor. You knew that was coming right? Of course you did. Because y’all are fancy schmancy mind reading followers. […]


Okay y’all, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. But I’m a firm believer in making sure I have something worthy to write about before tapping away on the keys. I mean, ain’t nobody got time for me to waste, right? As a matter of fact…in general…I’d be willing to bet y’all […]

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