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As the mother of three school-aged children (and a WAHM to boot) I barely have time to grocery shop, so organizing the fridge once I get all the goodies home isn’t even in the realm of possibility. That is…before I discovered this brand spanking new, shiny Samsung refrigerator!

I mean, did you see everything perfectly packed inside, without a single sliver of unused space? Oh, and the shelves sliding in and out?  Be honest. Who doesn’t enjoy THAT? Seriously.

All kidding aside, the video made me giggle as I realized how perfect the correlation is between a traveling band of Monkey Thieves complete with pickiness in regards to the type of fridge they steal from, and a gaggle of children coming home after school scavenging for snacks? They identify what they want, work as a team to snatch it, and run off before you realize what’s happened…celebrating all the way! You enjoy the ‘Easy In, and they take advantage of the Easy Out’. Brilliant, I say!

The Beans burst into the house every afternoon on a mission, looking for the freshest, crispiest, and yummiest food my kitchen has to offer – believe me when I say, they will not settle for anything less! Because I need to efficiently schedule the afternoon hours, I designate a specific amount of “wind down/snack time” before they start homework. Therefore, convenience is key. Which brings me to the features that make this fridge SO ATTRACTIVE, in both function and display.

*Optimal organization with maximum usage of space
*Provides unrivaled freshness and ease of use
*Superior design technology facilitating energy efficiency

The Easy Slide Shelf makes it a snap to keep a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables accessible in large amounts. The Bottom Mounted Freezer incorporates both Samsung’s superior digital inverter compressor, improving energy efficiency, as well as their No Frost Technology preventing ice buildup on the interior freezer wall. This alone combats water droplet formation, potentially leading to stains. Don’t know about you, but the fewer stains I have to clean up in my kitchen…the better 🙂 In addition, I’m eco-minded, and try to conserve energy where I can, so the compressor’s speedy reaction to provide cold air or energy consumption when faced with frequent door openings, a steaming container of food or external temperature fluctuations, makes me one happy, hippie mama! All of these qualities combined, provide a perfect place to stash my brood’s food 🙂

With my family satisfied, all I have to worry about is the group of thieving monkeys , right?

This post was sponsored by SAMSUNG, but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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