Blogs I stalk


Want to laugh til you pee, or cry til you feel better? You can start with these ladies:

Momastery….the brutiful truth about life, motherhood, and God, as told by Glennon Doyle, my blogging idol, inspiration, philanthropic goddess and #1 girl crush.

The Shitastophy… Yes. You read that right. Now go over there and be prepared to laugh until you have one of your own!

People I Want to Punch In The Throat…Jen has the best sense of humor anywhere. If you want to pee yourself laughing. Start here.

Mom of the Year…Meredith has it all. Just see for yourself.

Snarky in the Suburbs… a word: HILARIOUS. As in, wet your pants funny. Seriously.

 The women behind the two blogs below, are very special to me. As in REAL LIFE FRIENDS. And they make beautiful creations to look at. Check them out: 

The Beverly Hills Mom….my friend Alexandra Anderson and her fabulous adventures in the most glamourous ‘hood of all!

A Guilded Life…. this blog belongs to my friend Shea Fragoso, and her mom Debby Murray. Both are super talented, and make gorgeous creations for everyone to oogle over. You really must check out their fabulous eye candy!


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