I’m officially 20 days late….

….announcing that I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR folks.

Isn't it pretty?

Isn’t it pretty?

What? You thought I was late? As in preggo? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.NO. That ship has officially  docked sunk. Unless God suddenly decides he needs another earthly being to bear offspring. And then I will still be on my knees praying he doesn’t like petite women, brunettes, moms who blog and swear, women who wear cowboy boots or females named Nancy. You get the point.

Anyway, what I’m actually talking about is my contribution to the ridiculously funny collection of stories, titled Parenting Gag Reel: Hilarious Writes and Wrongs, Take 26  published by Life Well Blogged. The book was released on Amazon.com on April 2nd, which was the official day I became a contributing author to an E-book, hence the 20 days late reference. In case you’ve lost your calendar wits…today is April 22nd 🙂 But…the fantastic duo of Abbey Fatica and  Monica Merrill-Mylet took it one step further…and the book is now available in PAPERBACK at CreateSpace  (hint, hint…I can autograph those puppies for ya!)  So, go there now and buy one. I’m begging. Pretty please…with some homemade, iron-skillet baked, cornbread on top? We’ll work out the logistics of cornbread delivery & autographing later. Promise.  

Oh, and the BEST part is.…a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Parenting Gag Reel will benefit Autism Speaks, an amazing charity helping children and families dealing with autism everyday. And if there is one thing y’all know about me…I am all about helping others. It is one of my callings in life, I believe. Besides making people laugh, and feel better about their own parenting skills by injecting humor into the obvious, epic failures in my repertoire.

Last but not least….One of the other contributors, the wonderful Kristi from  www.findingninee.com reached out to the rest of us contributors with a very personal plea in hopes for the successful sale of the book. I would like to pass that along now:

It’s so exciting to see people talking about this hilarious book, isn’t it?  Abbey has been kind enough to offer to donate a portion of the proceeds of each book sold to a fundraiser that we’re doing for my son’s Preschool Autism Class.  Other parents and I have been searching for ways to help my son and his classmates.  Through our research, we’ve learned that iPads significantly help children on the autism spectrum learn how to learn and even communicate.  

We’re holding a multi-family garage sale at the end of April and all proceeds will go toward the purchase of an iPad (or, if we get enough, 2 iPads as there are 2 PAC classrooms).  With Abbey’s help, and yours, maybe we’ll be able to get a little closer to our goal.  In order to get credit for the sale, people will have to purchase the book through the following link or through my site: 


Thank you so much!

So my desire for you to buy the book because I’m a contributor, and there’s a really funny story about Sweet Pea peeing in public in there, actually pales in comparison to my wish that you buy it to help Kristi’s precious son. At this point, I’m just honored to have been chosen as a contributing author!
BTW…I’m featured in Chapter….well, I guess you’ll
just have to buy it I guess, won’t you? 
Once you do, please share the news with friends via FB and Twitter, read/rate reviews —4 or 5 stars are preferred, but don’t lie–
and leave one of your own about what you thought on Amazon!
Oh…and FYI–glowing reviews help boost sales if you were wondering..lol.


***Or, you could always hop over to my Facebook page“Like” it (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment THERE with the name of the Bean who is featured in the essay published in the book. You see, I have 5 copies of the Ebook to GIVE AWAY, and I’d love for you to enter the contest. Winner will be chosen at random, and notified via email, after the contest closes on April 30th***

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BEE ‘Like’ Us….and get cool swag :-)

It’s no secret, I have some beautiful, amazingly talented, cool friends, right? I mean, not too long ago one of my ‘hooker’ friends styled me for an awards shindig. If you haven’t already, you can read about that here.  Super exciting, I must say!

Now, I’m about to introduce y’all to the ladies of Blue Eyed Entertainment

(from left to right)

• Asia DeMarcos – On-air and Publicity Coach​

• Diana Becerra Franco – Social Media Guru​

• Kit Wallace  (Owner)– Public Relations, Marketing and Branding Expert​​

• Catie Bellinger – Event Specialist ​

Umm...who WOULDN't want them as friends?

Umm…who WOULDN’t want them as friends?

In addition to being a stunningly gorgeous group of women, they also run a kick-ass,  full-service, PR/Marketing and Event Planning company…and all happen to be friends of mine in real life {squeal}. They scratch my back, I scratch theirs. It’s the way of Hollywood, and an absolute win-win 🙂

FOR EVERYONE. Including y’all now.

BEE-ing an honorary staff member, I have been given the unique opportunity to offer A GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, that’s right…


(well, there are a couple of hoops to jump through, but they’re easy peasey lemon squeezy)

To be entered to win a fabulous swag bag full of stuff for you and your munchkins, just like the one in the picture below, which includes:



MD SolarSciences Beach Bag
10 % discount for Marnie Goodfriend Photography
$25 Gift Card to Target***
30 minutes free at Sky Zone
Toy Story 3 Bubble Set
Pin wheel

In order to be entered to win, you’ll need to do the following two things:

1. Go the the Blue Eyed Entertainment Facebook Page and LIKE it. 

2. Leave a comment on the page saying ” The Calibamamom sent me.” 

As soon as the page reaches 650 LIKES, the contest closes. From the comments that mention The Calibamamom, a winner will be chosen at random, and notified by the beautiful ladies of Blue Eyed Entertainment.



***The ladies at BEE decided to replace the small stuffed toy originally listed for the giveaway (and shown in the photo) with a $25 Target Gift Card so your child can choose a toy of their choice!! 

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