Over the hill…

Folks, I realized today that I might be getting old. How, you ask? You mean besides the fact I will soon be celebrating the second anniversary of my 20th birthday in January? Well, I’ll tell you. I made a Christmas list…and these are the items on it: A NEW CAN OPENER (my electric one broke a year ago, & I’ve been using the one from our camping supplies bag ever since); A CAR CHARGER FOR MY iPhone (the one I currently have shorts out on occasion, & I’m afraid it’s going to result in electrocution); A GIFTCARD TO TARGET (I really need underwear, and before you ask why I didn’t say Victoria’s Secret, refer to the title of the post here); NEW PAJAMA PANTS (all of mine are ripped in places that expose things that shouldn’t be exposed) and lastly, A PAIR OF EAR PLUGS (because my tolerance for the sound of constant BS from others has been depleted). If anyone feels compelled to fulfill any of the gift requests, I swear to send a heartfelt, note of appreciation in return, straight to your door via the US mail. Promise 🙂 May your holiday be merry and beautiful!!!!

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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