Edward and Bella…grown-up style

Yes, it’s true. The Man and I dressed as angst ridden, lovelorn teenagers for Halloween this year. One of them millions of years dead, and the other wishing she was. LOL. Both arguably the most famous pair of teen lovers since, I don’t know….Romeo and Juliet? Oh what fun it was!!! And considering the, um, age difference, I think we did okay bringing them to a party in Hollywood the night before Halloween 🙂

And let’s not forget trick or treating with The Girls…..a lioness, a black cat, and a purple glitter fairy (who sort of resembled what Beetlejuice’s sister might look like 🙂

just a little tease….

The decision has been made. I am dragging (kicking and screaming if necessary) The Man to our FIRST EVER (as a couple) Halloween costume party on Saturday at a fabulicious club in Hollyweird. Our get-ups have been chosen, but I’m not divulging that info yet. Will post photos and y’all can guess. That way, I’ll know if we did them justice. LOL. In the meantime, be as scary as you can because HALLOWEEN IS IN THE AIR FOLKS!!!!

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