Welcome to the “genius bar”

Not one to beat around the bush. Let’s just dive right in and pick up where you’ve never been. Shall we?

Being the devout Mac worshipper I am, I trekked over to my local Apple store today….alone…with 3 small children…My Beans… in tow. The Man’s laptop has become possessed, so it needed the attention of some Geniuses. Of course, I envisioned all sorts of ‘bull in a china shop’ scenarios. Who wouldn’t. Right? Much to my surprise, that place was better than a freakin’ day care run by Mary Poppins. Sugar Bean settled on playing with an iPad, while Butter Bean and Sweet Pea plopped down on the ultra-modern, ergo-balls and played games on the dedicated “kid friendly” iMacs. Genius, I say.

The Man’s piece had to be sent away for a few days. Oh yeah, it’s under warranty, thanks to AppleCare, but I await the phone call saying “We’re sorry. Your Mac has been exposed to liquid, and therefore, Apple can’t “care” anymore. It’s going to cost so much to fix it, you might as well go back and buy a shiny new one. On the upside, while you are shelling out megabucks, your kids will be having a blast…..free of charge.”

Thanks, Geniuses.


  1. wow – I’ve never been a Mac fan but I might just head there to see how much my kids like playing there! I can’t afford anything there, but it might be worth the trip just to get a break from the constant yammering!

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