I need some space

Just as I sat down to write this, Sweet Pea comes over and stands so close to my arm that I don’t have room to move. “Sweetie, give me some space, please.” She obliges. Wish I had been that lucky last night!!!

Went to the last of the DMB shows I will be able to see until 2012. The Man was working, but I went anyway. Alone. Since I had two tickets, I had two seats, which I tried to explain to the lady who was standing in them dancing & flailing as if she was seizing and might need 911 any minute. She was a lot taller than me, so I began treading carefully in my attempt to claim my rightful territory. Um….that went over like a lead balloon. As flatly as she could, she refused to move….and then had the nerve to ask if I had an extra hair tie!!! What did I look like, GOODY??? Feeling my temper flare, I decided it was not the night to be tossed out of the Hollywood Bowl for brawling. So I gathered my things and stomped all over hers as I left the row for higher ground with friends. Thank you to my Cool Peeps from Dallas who let me crash their date night & stand with them. Y’all rock 🙂



  1. And one more…

    Never sleep on the side of the bed where the phone resides. Weekly business residents await calls (cell or wake-up) where they rise in the morning… roll over… arise…

    Then break wind…

    Just sayin’

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