Diamonds, rubies, pearls, and….chocolate?

As I mentioned before, The Man gets us invited to uber-cool stuff as the result of his charm, dashing good looks, and….occupation (can you tell that I adore this man?) Two days ago, I found myself dashing madly around the city (with 3 giggly little girls in tow) getting coifed, manicured and tanned, in preparation for an event like no other. We had the unique pleasure of attending a dinner party that was filmed for a reality show on a well-known network. OH WHAT A NIGHT!! Didn’t read the release, so I’m not exactly sure I can disclose details, so I won’t. Certainly don’t need to be sued for a gazillion dollars by a large conglomerate for giving out top secret info!! However, I CAN give a great big shout out to Ann Mangini, co-owner of Rafinity Jewelry in Santa Monica, California. She was the FABULOUS hostess for the evening, and let me tell you……that ROCKSTAR of a lady knows how to make a girl feel like a princess……the pearls I am wearing in the photo of The Man and me were my party favor :-))))) Check them out on Facebook, here, go visit them in person at 1408A Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California 90401, AND GET YOURSELF SOME BLING!!!!!

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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