the basket of optimism

I’m just curious. Have you ever been overwhelmed by the feeling that your dreams…the ones that you keep shelving over and over….are about to be realized? I hope so, because I have…. lately, in fact. Maybe it has to do with finally putting all my eggs in a brightly colored, basket of optimism, after gathering up their broken pieces and meticulously super-gluing them back together bit by bit over the last year. Could it be because paying it forward and living right (as my Mama used to call it) shot to the top of the priority list? Or perhaps it has something to do with that look of “mature confidence” The Man remarked about in my new photos. Who knows? For whatever reason though, something is about to happen, and it HAS to be good. Because anymore bad would finish me off…..and I’m not done with this world yet.  

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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