Does a bear pee in the woods?

Yes, I think so…..and so do we, when necessary.

The Girls were out of school for Veterans’ Day, so we loaded up and went camping for the weekend. What an adventure!!! It was our second time delving into the wilderness and doing the “family camping thang”. Our first was during the summer, and it was quite toasty outside. This was different. Four words different: THIRTY DEGREES AT NIGHT. The Man was convinced I was crazy for wanting to drag our angels into the wild in such frigid conditions. In fact, he even said it was borderline child abuse. Yeah, right. I let that one hit one ear and pick up speed. Due to excellent planning on my part, and the possession of proper equipment, no one complained about the cold except for him. Of course, he did go outside the tent in sock feet at 3 am to….you guessed it….pee in the woods. Go figure. No wonder he got cold. The Girls slept better all snuggled up in their mummy bags than they do when they are at home in their beds, and the meals I cooked on my camp stove were delicious (insert sound effect: my horn tooting). We spent one whole day hiking in Yosemite National Forest, and it was truly awe-inspiring. I was humbled by the magnitude and beauty of that place. Truly an amazing work of nature by God….El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, Curry Village, the beautiful streams and meadows…..the list just goes on and on! It was our first time there, and I can’t wait to go back. Here’s a photo from our hike up to Bridalveil Falls. Does anyone look anything but blissfully happy? But then again, when you look at the picture of the falls, you can understand why 🙂

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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