why did you vote for me?

Had to get this one down on paper so all of you can smile as much as I did.

By now, most of you know, I have 3 daughters. All are gorgeous (y’all don’t mind if I brag, do you?) but each one has her own look.  My oldest two little pixies have light brown hair and dark brown eyes, and my baby has very blonde hair and blue eyes. Genes are funny that way. When you least expect it, someone hits the jackpot and lands ALL of the recessive ones.

You see, The Man has dark brown hair and brown eyes like both of his parents, but his paternal grandfather had crystal blue, as did his great-grandmother. As for me, I have hazel eyes. My father had chocolate brown, my mother had blue. Out of 6 biological children, 4 have blue, 1 has brown and 1 has hazel. Go figure. Daddy had dark hair, Mama had blonde. Mine was strawberry blondish as child, and brown as a young girl. Now….well….I…um…rely on the genius of my hair guy Bryan Kelly, to chase away the gray, and harness the color of youth 🙂 But I digress.

There is a  point to this, I promise.

As I was drying my sweet baby girl’s hair yesterday, she says, “Why did you vote for me to have blonde hair?” Stifling giggles, I replied, “Well, I didn’t. God did.”  Puzzled, she replied, “But how did it grow?”. Really? I’m thinking. To the best of my ability I explained that children don’t always look exactly like their parents. Sometimes they look like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,….mailmen, etc. Still, she pressed on, almost with tears in her eyes, remarking “But…I’m…I’m the only one. Why did it have to be me?” With that, I hugged her up, and said “Because you are special, and God wanted everyone to know from the moment you were born. Your hair was kissed by the sun, just like Rapunzel‘s!” A huge smile came across her face and those blue eyes twinkled like moon kissed ocean water in the Gulf of Mexico. She was satisfied, and I was thanking my lucky stars for Disney’s movie, Tangled”, which we had just seen. When you speak princess to a princess, you can never go wrong!!

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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