it’s official, & i’ve ordered the photos to prove it.

                 Justin Beiber says “Never say never.” I like that. 

So….with that in mind, I just ordered hardcopy headshots in preparation for a casting workshop I signed up for this weekend (it’s my 2nd one in 2 weeks). Although I had pretty much put my *tangible* aspirations as an actress to rest in favor of motherhood, domesticity and volunteering at the school for the last few years, that damn fiery passion for the craft just refuses to be extinguished. Oh sure, I have continued to submit myself for roles via various websites that post casting notices, which managed to land me a few auditions, but nothing that pays.  The big issue is I haven’t had representation in awhile. But, with renewed motivation (thanks Kim and Heidi), all that is about to change. I have enlisted some very dear friends to aide in that process, and will keep everyone abreast of the progress. Wish me luck….and if you can help, you know where to find me 🙂 

Lookout LA….I’m ready for my close-up, and it’s NOW OR NEVER, because I’m not getting any younger….visibly, that is!!!!  

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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