Drive-thru etiquette

         Let me begin by confessing… I am a Chick-fil-A junkie.

     Despite the negative press the chain is receiving lately on social networking sites for their strong religious convictions, charitable contributions to organizations deemed anti-gay and their beliefs about what makes a family, I really love their food. Btw, who knew the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hated homosexuals? Not me, and I was a member in high school, and that point was NEVER covered in the meetings. Seriously.

Apparently, I am somewhat of an anomaly…a Christian who believes marriage should be based on love, rather than sexual orientation. Everyone should have the right to marry the love of their life. Period. Raising a family and creating a stable, happy home environment also has nothing to do with which side your bread is buttered on in my opinion. Therefore, I cannot boycott the business. There. I said it.

Why? Because I’m a Southern girl who managed to hang on to her roots while living in the cultural mecca that is Hollywood. You see, I grew up with CFA back in Bama, and had to wait 15 years for them to open one in Los Angeles, close enough to my home so I could scoot on over there and back in less than an hour…..WITH traffic 🙂 So, to all my beloved gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends, if you see me “check in” on FB at one of the shiny, new CFA locations here in Los Angeles, please don’t boycott me, because I support you 100%. I just need my sweet tea and fried chicken sandwich fix every once in awhile:-) Whew….glad I got that out there!

Now for the point of the post: DRIVE-THRU ETIQUETTE. Last night, I was in line at the CFA in Northridge, with about 25 other cars. I swear they needed their own Rent-A-Cop directing traffic. Not surprising though, I’ve witnessed this before. As usual, I only had about half an hour to make the round trip from the girls’ gymnastics facility to CFA and back. Well….that train got completely derailed by the car 3 ahead of me, when the person pulled up to the menu board and WHIPPED OUT A LIST as long as my arm. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to jump out and scream “You know, they cater. Try calling ahead next time and hauling your a** inside to pick it up!” but I didn’t. Only because 2 of my 3 girls were in the car with me and I didn’t want to cause a scene. Oh, but the fury I could have unleashed had I been childless. They really would have needed a Rent-A-Cop then! But I digress. My point is, the drive-thru is for people IN A HURRY or, those unable to go inside because their children are dressed only in gymnastics leotards and it’s 40 degrees outside. Of course, I was the victim of both things last night. So, if you find yourself being the “food runner” for a group of folks, park and go in…..PLEASE! Because you just never know when a childless, Southern bitch in a hurry  jonesing for some sweet tea might be behind you.

     Although I can say with certainty you’d be safe at McD’s….I hate that place. But watch out at CFA and Taco Bell 🙂

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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