Discovered this AMAZING BLOG 5 days ago, and have barely been able to pry myself away from it to perform the simplest of tasks in everyday life (think, sitting on the potty reading from an iPhone). It cried out to me through a FB share posted by one of my dearest friends from college on a day when I, myself, JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Of course, nobody knew that I had worked little ole me into a tizzy, because….well…I…um…hide when that happens, and can only be lured out by those who know me best, when they realize they haven’t heard from me for a bit. Sometimes, even that doesn’t work. Anyway, I think the author of the blog and I just may have been twins separated at birth. We have a lot in common. Her posts are exactly what I feel, and want to say, pretty much verbatim. Of course, she is a much more gifted writer than I. But then again, who isn’t? A girl can dream though. The stories I’ve read so far on Momastery have inspired me to adopt this as my new mantra:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”  

Because at the end of the day, somebody has to renovate this fixer-upper I call life, huh? Might as well pick out the paint myself.

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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