When I slipped my feet into these….

I felt like I should never take them off.

Again today, I got out of bed, and stayed out 🙂 Then, I drove to Ventura Boulevard and was treated to lunch by one of my dear girlfriends who has been relentlessly badgering me to celebrate my entrance into the 4th decade of my life. Of course, I have been avoiding this breaking of bread because for the last few weeks, I kept going back to bed. Little did I know, she was bringing me THESE AMAZING, VINTAGE, PERFECT FOR MY SIZE 6 FEET, BRIGHT RED COWBOY BOOTS!! Now when I say bright red, I actually mean “FM Red”, or so my middle sister calls it. Yes, the FM stands for exactly what you think it does. She prefers to wear FM red  in lipstick form. Me…not so much. It’s a power color, and honestly, I’ve never felt that powerful really. Something tells me you already know this, so I’m not derailing my train of thought on that point. Giddy, up….let’s go!

Anyway….want to know the most spectacular part about these boots? They were hers. My girlfriend’s that is. Not my sister’s. So, they have HISTORY y’all. Each and every scuff, scratch and divet represents a memory. I just adore objects with roots and a story to tell. Which is sort of like me now. I am oldish, with roots and lots of stories to tell. Hell, I’m not vintage….I’m practically antique! However, when I slipped my feet into them, I immediately felt like I needed to walk with a swagger, and perhaps begin carrying a gun. I felt strong, and confident. Odd, considering I had on yoga pants and the boots were WAAAYYY too much for them. Whatever. Then, I remembered seeing something on Facebook, or Jen’s List this morning about today being ‘Wear Red for Women Day’ and all of a sudden the unexpected gift became even more magical. I highly suggest finding some FM red boots of your own. You’ll feel like a fire dancer!

After the yummy lunch, and girl-chat, I hugged her tightly, thanked her profusely, and we parted ways. Then I drove much too fast through a myriad of LA freeways, rushing to pick up my mini-me’s from school. Once home, I changed my clothes and made My Firstborn take these pictures. You didn’t think I was keeping those yoga pants on now did you?????

I "heart" my new red boots!!

Jealous yet?


  1. Boots have had the same effect on me, Nance…what is it about a GREAT pair of boots that just makes you feel like you can kick a*s and take names??!!

    Welcome to the 40 club, btw! Hope you had a terrific b-day!

    • Funny thing is, I have many pairs of boots…stiletto boots, flat boots, tall boots, short boots, snow boots, UGG boots and so on….even 4 pairs of cowboy boots. All are black or brown or some other shade of those colors. I’ve never given it much thought, really. However, there is something MARVELOUS about these red ones!!! I imagine the next time we see each other, I will no doubt have them on 🙂

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