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2012 was a bitch for us

2012 was a bitch for us

Remember last July, when I posted over on MomsLA about the family adventure we had filming the book trailer for a zombie novel titled “100 Days of Death”?  No? Okay…well I’m not going to rehash the story, because I’ve already told it and honestly, I don’t have time to rewrite it. But if you wanna read about it, you can do so HERE. And if you want to see it, click HERE. 

What I want to do though, is update y’all.  In the past year, my good friend Kim Poirier has been working her ass off alongside the other folks over at Moving Pictures Media Group to develop this franchise to its maximum potential. And what a fantastic job she is doing…but now they are reaching out and asking YOU to be a part! Admit it…you want to know how….right?


Now the excitement really begins!  Moving Pictures Media Group, a successful independent film production company based out of Hollywood, California, is in pre-production for the “100 Days of Death” Feature Film, which is slated to start filming early 2013. In addition, this franchise will be accompanied by the official video game, a phone app, and of course, the “100 Days of Death” Graphic Novel” by the Master of the Macabre, Tommy Castillo.

This is where we need your help and you get to be part of our Carnival of Death! 

If you’re a fan of zombies,comics, or just a fan of horror…head over to the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter page. Donate and help get this project up and running, and you will get some awesome swag 🙂

And who knows….can’t make any promises….but you might even end up getting zombified and captured on film…just like Sugar Bean, Sweet Pea and ME!!! 

me and my zombie beans

me and my zombie beans


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  1. I still love these pics of you guys! You lead such a cool life over in LA! I just may have to move in one day!!! xo

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