It’s Friday…For Real: Episode 2

Hi y’all…Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July! I know we did. Now, if you are anything like The Man, you probably had some mishaps with food. Specifically, wearing it…after eating and enjoying it. If so, you’re gonna want to pay close attention to the second episode of

It’s Friday…For Real!

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  1. Love the video blog!!!!! And if anybody needs Dawn, it’s me!!! 🙂

    • calibamamom says

      Honestly, Dawn ranks up there with duct tape, WD40 and Listerine Original (which can be used to cleanse a cut in the absence of rubbing alcohol) in my book. One of those multi-purpose items that’s an essential for every household…and/or emergency travel kit!

      • Mary Lynn Clem says

        Blue Dawn and white vinegar half and half in a spray bottle cleans yout shower or bathtub great!!!

      • calibamamom says

        I will definitely have to try that…Thanks!!!

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