Hell to the yeah!!!

I have major enthusiasm about 2012. Pure, unbridled, “hell yeah” anticipation. Mama Universe, please don’t let me down.

dance like nobody is watching

Did I mention I’m a dancer? Too petite for ballet, despite studying it my entire life, I chose the modern path, or ‘contemporary’ as it’s called now. Went to college on several dance scholarships and got my BA degree, which went into a box bound for Hollyweird. Although the diploma is still in a box somewhere, I did muster up the motivation to drag out my leg warmers and dust off my dancing feet before putting them one in front of the other on my way to an audition for an experimental and improvisational physical theatre/dance company called MiModa Jazzo. All this, after retiring for a about 10 years in favor of having The Girls. Made the cut….whew!!! That was a year ago, and what a long strange trip it’s been! But I am proud to say that I got back on the horse. If you want to see what I’ve done, watch below for a glimpse. If you like that, click here for some more fun, and if you want to know more about the exciting things going on at MiModa Jazzo Studio, check it out here.

new pics….un-retouched. and i love them anyway.

Got new headshots yesterday. Then went out with my entertainment biz mommy group because I didn’t want to waste the hair and makeup job. LOL. Had a great time with super cool peeps. Woke up with giant headache this morning though. That’s what I get for having the happy hour menu margarita instead of the organic one, right? Anyway, here’s a peek. Must give credit where credit is due…..AMY BARNARD is a photographer like no other. SHE F-ING ROCKS SUPREME!!!!

Cleansing thoughts.

Started my “Master Cleanse” today…..well, technically last night, but we won’t discuss that. The lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper & water drinking commenced this morning. Day is almost over. Thank goodness, because I am so dang hungry I could hit something. Hard. Despite my lack of energy. And this is just DAY ONE. Imagine the damage I will be able to do on Wednesday!!! Oh well, I have set my eye on a prize. You’ll just have to wait and see what it is. Until then…..enjoy your meals 🙂

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