The resolution is…

I don’t have one this year. Last year I was ambitious…with a dozen. What kind of freaking over-achiever does that? Me, apparentlySuffice to say it bit me in the ass. A grand list of things I wanted to do, but never actually made the time to do. Perhaps I lack the willpower necessary to execute that kind of commitment? Nah…can’t be it. I have 3 children. Talk about commitment! Anyway, as I looked back on that silly list of impossible self promises, I was left with an icky feeling: FAILURE. And who wants THATNot me, but hey….to each his own 🙂 

In order to avoid the failure funk again, I decided to start the year (albeit almost 2 weeks in) with the simple acceptance of a few simple FACTS: 

1. As of 9:55 am on January 9, I officially became “wise” (i.e. I turned 40). With that milestone comes the right to say, “Listen to me…I’m 40. I have lived 4 decades, and therefore, know what I’m talking about.”

2. I have a degree from The University of Alabama. A school whose football team, won the 2012 BCS National Championship (for the 2nd time in 3 years) ON MY BIRTHDAY.

3. That makes me a 40-year old, NATIONAL CHAMPION. Hot damn!!!!!

                                  Helluva way to start the year, isn’t it????  

Give it to me straight. I can take it :-)

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