a year-end wrap up…in 47 minutes or less (because that’s all that is left of 2012)


I’ll try to make this short and sweet, by simply making a list of the good and bad moments of 2012 up in my Calibama State of Mind. Mostly because lists are easy to follow, and I wasted time creating the ecard image, and now only have 17  no minutes left. Procrastination at it’s finest. Classic me. Some things never change, and I work better under pressure, so no judging….got it?

Let’s start with THE BAD, shall we?

1. We moved. Not much more needs to be said other than the process of it sucked the life right out of me for a good 3 weeks. Unless I win the lottery, I am not leaving this house. EVER. 

2. The Man was between film projects for much of the year, and home a lot, which drove me bat-shit crazy. He needs hobbies that do not involve chasing me around trying to undress me while I have 8000+ things to do. Hoping that developing a few is on the top of HIS resolution list.

3. The Beans had to quit gymnastics. You can read about that here. I’m still heart-broken and don’t like to talk about it. Hopeful that training resumes in 2013.

4. Lester, our beloved 13 year old, Chihuaua had to be put down 🙁 That story is here.

5.  The Beans got head-lice. Twice. Pissed doesn’t even begin to describe my mood on those occasions. Yes, I blogged about it…here. 

This is the shit I’m running from, once I get my new sneakers. Tomorrow.

But onto…

THE GOOD. Which I will be expanding on, in MAGNANIMOUS PROPORTIONS.

1. ON JANUARY 9, 2012…MY 40TH BIRTHDAY…THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE WON THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Best. Present. Ever. ROLL TIDE ROLL….and onto the National Championship game we go once again this year!!! 

2. I started this blog, along with a FB fan page and a Twitter feed dedicated to it. It speaks for itself, I believe. And I plan on paying A LOT more attention to it.

3. I got a real writing gig, that actually pays a little. I need to maintain a bit of anonymity where this is concerned, but trust me….IT’S AWESOME. And literally fell in my lap at a much needed time. As the saying goes, “When life shuts a door, God opens a window somewhere” 🙂 

4. We moved.  Even with the colossal headache the execution of it was, it’s a good thing too. We down-sized, into a cozy place that is more affordable and closer to The Beans’ schools. Less to clean for me, smaller monthly nut….win-win, right?

5. One of my besties had a baby boy, and I am his Godmother. So now I have a son in addition to The Beans 🙂 Oh, what fun we are going to have!!!

6. I made some really great new friends, in the blogging world, and in real-life. Also reconnected with some old friends. You know who you are 🙂

7. My whole family filmed a book trailer for a zombie novel titled “100 Days of Death”. The novel will be out this year, and you can watch the trailer here. We had a BLAST!!

8. I was invited to be a contributor for MomsLA, a phenomenal group of bloggers. I’m still shaking my head at this one. Honored does not even scratch the surface of how this made me feel.

9. My niece, Meaghan, got married, and I got to attend the wedding in Alabama and serve as a bridesmaid. Hadn’t been home to Bama in over 2 years, so this was PRICELESS.

10. I was gifted a ‘We Can Do Hard Things Sign’ by Momastery and Barn Owl Primitives, on the eve of the 17th anniversary of my mama’s passing. The women responsible for this will NEVER know how much it meant.

So, clearly, the good outweighed the bad, at least on this list. There are, of course, several catastrophic things that happened that must remain unwritten. But those have either been kicked to the curb already, or are well on their way to being eradicated.

2013 is going to be divinely kick-ass. HUGE things are on the horizon for me, The Man and The Beans. There simply is no other option.

Who’s with me?

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The resolution is…

I don’t have one this year. Last year I was ambitious…with a dozen. What kind of freaking over-achiever does that? Me, apparentlySuffice to say it bit me in the ass. A grand list of things I wanted to do, but never actually made the time to do. Perhaps I lack the willpower necessary to execute that kind of commitment? Nah…can’t be it. I have 3 children. Talk about commitment! Anyway, as I looked back on that silly list of impossible self promises, I was left with an icky feeling: FAILURE. And who wants THATNot me, but hey….to each his own 🙂 

In order to avoid the failure funk again, I decided to start the year (albeit almost 2 weeks in) with the simple acceptance of a few simple FACTS: 

1. As of 9:55 am on January 9, I officially became “wise” (i.e. I turned 40). With that milestone comes the right to say, “Listen to me…I’m 40. I have lived 4 decades, and therefore, know what I’m talking about.”

2. I have a degree from The University of Alabama. A school whose football team, won the 2012 BCS National Championship (for the 2nd time in 3 years) ON MY BIRTHDAY.

3. That makes me a 40-year old, NATIONAL CHAMPION. Hot damn!!!!!

                                  Helluva way to start the year, isn’t it????  

I have been bitten by a bug.

…..the art bug. Never dreamed that creating art to line the walls of the world (okay, probably just my house) could be so incredibly magical and therapeutic. I mean, when I traveled through my crafty phase about 8 years ago, I made cigar box purses. Completed a couple dozen of them, and gave them as gifts. Only sold one….lol. That was great fun, but nothing like the rush and sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a work of art to display. More canvases in hand….photo to follow 🙂 

Resolution update: I fell off the “stay ahead of the laundry” wagon, and I have a couple of phone messages that need some attention. My DWM certification is going to have to wait, as I have childcare issues for the one coming up. On track with seeing dear girlfriends (same one 2x within a week!!!) although it has been by coincidence, not planning. My water drinking has taken off like a rocket, to help with my regular gym visits, but I haven’t had my first facial yet 🙁  Oh, and I appreciate the fact that all of you who are reading this do so, because that gives me a real reason to stick to the “blog updating” resolution…. LOL.  

the holidays are over. now what?

Resolutions, that’s what. The Man and the Girls are content with the usual spoils of Christmas, so it’s time to cut back to me….as if I ever TRULY do that. Usually, it’s all about everyone else, and that’s just fine by me. But, that doesn’t leave much time during the year to fulfill those mostly empty promises I make each NYE. So…this year WILL be different, dang-it!!! Woo-hoo 2011!!!! Instead of the obligatory, gigantic, unattainable resolutions I’ve made in the past, I decided I would make TWELVE OF THEM….or, one per month. Simple, entirely possible, personalized goals….all about me and designed to make me a better person in one way or another 🙂

Here they are:


12…learn to poach an egg and make Eggs Benedict. (status: complete….see pic below)

 11…conceptualize and create an original, personal work of art (status: complete)

title: “the 81 bottle wake-up call”; mixed media on canvas

10…update my blog more often (status: started tonight)

9…tell at least one person, each day, something I like, enjoy or admire about them (status: in progress & on-going)

8…return phone calls & emails in a more timely fashion (status: successful so far)

7…try to see my dear girlfriends at least once a month, but hopefully more.

6…continue going to the gym regularly (status: technically complete for this month)

5…drink more water (status: successful so far)

4…have a really delicious facial once a month, if financially possible. (status: I still have 26 days left this month)

3…ask for help when I need it, instead of shouldering things alone (status: successful so far)

2…stay ahead of the laundry (status: VERY successful so far)

1…get certified to teach “Dance With Me” classes (status: 1st opportunity is at the end of this month)

 We’ll see how I do 🙂 

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