Fender bender.

Got into one yesterday. Picture this…. During rush hour traffic yesterday, The Beans and I are in the family truckster sitting at the bottom of an off-ramp, preparing to turn right onto my desired road. Lady in BRAND NEW Toyota Camry is stopped in front of me. She lets off the gas and moves forward, pulling onto the road…..or so I think. I look left to double check that it’s clear, let off my gas slightly and roll forward……RIGHT INTO HER BUMPER!! Yes, folks, she stopped again, while I had my head turned.  So I speed around her and take off….LOL. I’M KIDDING. Pulled off into a dirt patch just to the right. I get out and approach her car. What I find is a little Korean lady behind the wheel, with her head in her hands. Tap, tap, tap on the window.  She opens the door and says, “You hit my car. You understand? It’s new car.” I say, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you’d stopped again. There doesn’t appear to be any damage. Are you okay?” We walk to the back of the car and she points out what is the equivalent of a DOOR DING on her bumper (see pic below), and there is not so much as a scratch anywhere else, nor is there any damage to my tank. “You see this? You do this to my new car. You understand, it’s your fault” she says. With that, a light bulb goes off in my head! She’s done this before, knows the drill, and is trying to make me say it’s my fault. Well, I am prepped and ready to switch from sweet young mom with Southern drawl, to full on Southern Bitch if necessary. I mean, it’s a DING, for crying out loud. Build a bridge and get over it!! Luckily it didn’t get fiery. I simply replied, “I understand you stopped short in front of me, and I can see a ding in your bumper. Let’s exchange information.” Thirty minutes later, I have H.K.’s number with photos of her DINGED BUMPER, and she has every piece of info about me, just short of what color my underwear was (black, btw)! Although I was rattled, The Man was not even phased by the info when I told him. He cracked open some vino and said let the insurance companies duke it out. That’s why we pay them, right? But for the record, if you stop short in front of someone, for no reason (or you have an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on your car) you deserve to get dinged. Just sayin’.

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