Out of Retirement, Holding a Torch

… hoping to set the world ablaze. There, I said it.

Promised myself awhile ago that I would only come back on here to write if I actually had something important to say. Boy was that a loaded decision! And now here we are. Me writing, with a very clear, no bullshit message. You reading said message. Might want to buckle up, buttercups. This may be the most controversial, and possibly inflammatory thing you’ve read on here in awhile. Perhaps ever. But the last time I checked, my name is not Willy Wonka, and I have zero obligation to sugarcoat shit.


Assuming you live under a rock, in a cave off the grid, or just blindly ignorant to the shit-show of a world we currently live in, allow me to enlighten you…

Yesterday, there was another mass shooting. At a high school in Santa Clarita, California. Not too far from where my family and I reside. If you have a beating heart, a functioning brain and even a shred of a soul to go with it, this affects you deeply. And you are mad as hell, just like me. More innocent, adolescent lives lost. More children that WE AS ADULTS HAVE FAILED. FUCK!!!

16 seconds. SIXTEEN. SECONDS. 

That is how long it took for the 16 year-old male at Saugus High School to pull a .45-caliber, semi-automatic handgun he brought from home, from his backpack, and shoot a group of students, before turning the gun on himself, yesterday morning. 

Two of the students are dead, with families planning their funerals now, instead of prepping for the holidays. Others are injured. The rest of the student body, staff, administrators and parents are traumatized. The shooter is now dead. Yesterday was his birthday, and today was his last day. Don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t want my daughters to be given a bullet as a party favor. Think about that. THINK ABOUT IT!

Speaking of my daughters… Sugar Bean, Butter Bean and Sweet Pea… They have friends who attend the school where the shooting took place. Which means I sent a text TO A FRIEND yesterday morning, asking IF HER BABIES WERE OKAY. I do not want to send another text like that again. Ever. Nor do I want to be in the position I found myself just a few weeks ago, when my own daughter’s high school was in FULL LOCKDOWN. Although, it was a false alarm, the hour I spent sitting outside the school while she was texting me from inside a locked closet in the band room, was one of the longest hours I have ever spent. And while she maintains she was not frightened…because she shares my DNA and that’s just who she is… the look on her face when she was finally able to walk out and wrap her arms around me and The Man, said otherwise. It just about broke me. In fact, I can’t even talk about it without choking back tears.

To say that I am angry, would be a gross understatement. Livid, and ready to take to the streets is more accurate. If that’s what needs to happen to get some common sense laws passed, then SIGN ME UP. This is a mountain I am willing to offend/piss people off over, step on toes for, and ultimately die on. None of this is okay. IT HAS TO STOP. NOW.

Oh, and don’t come at me with the tired ass excuse of unchecked mental illness, or the “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” mantra. 🙄🤬 
Just. Don’t. Fucking. Do. It. Save it for another day, with a lot more whiskey and somebody else.  You will not find an audience here.

You know why? Because other countries in this world have youth, teens and grown adults with mental illness… but they don’t have mass shootings. Wonder why?! It’s simple: THEY HAVE STRICTER GUN LAWS OR COMPLETE GUN CONTROL. 

Also. If you are offended by this rant, or you believe your guns are more important than innocent lives… the lives of my children… and we know each other in real life…we definitely shouldn’t be friends. 
This is not up for debate. 



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