Do I sound like a cartoon character?

Well, I sure hope so! After many years of saying (to The Man) “I’d really like to voice a cartoon character”, an opportunity presented itself. Once the initial “deer in headlights” moment passed, I got down to work. 2 scenes, 3 different ways. And I did it, all from the comfort of my own home while wearing my pajamas and using the Voice Memo app on my beloved iPhone!! Picked my favorite versions, and off the audition went via email 🙂 Technology is just the best, isn’t it? That is, besides being in the entertainment industry!!

Not to worry. If my voice happens to make the grade for this big budget, animated feature, and will be headed to a theatre near you in the future……you’ll hear about it!

I have “arrived”.

Just a quickie. 

After 14 years in the Land of La La, trying my hand in several areas of the entertainment business (i.e. acting, dancing, writing, habitual game show contestant-ing, bartending, etc)…..I FINALLY HAVE AN page. My credit is for participating in an adr/loop group on a film back in the spring. Of course, if you are in any way familiar with the industry, you know how HUGE this is. It’s the equivalent of “arriving” as my Mama used to say. So, Mama….I have arrived 🙂  

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, The Girls now have pages for looping too. Woo hoo….if they only knew!!! Of course, if I wasn’t so dead set on blog anonymity, I’d post a link. LOL. 

And the “loopy” goes to…my girls!!

The Man is a sound man. Literally. Not only in mind, but in occupation. He works on movies, as part of the post-production sound team. One of the perks of his job is last minute fun outings….some with The Girls, and some without. Had the wonderful opportunity last week to be part of an adr/loop group for the movie he is currently working on. Although, I have done this before on another film, this day was particularly unique, because the girls participated too. Check it out: 


                             watching the scene & preparing to loop


          My Middle Girl is on the far left, my Oldest next to the end. The other 2 girls are twins who rounded out the “Little Loop Group”. 

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